A beautiful village in the south of Italy

junio, 2018

Today we want to talk in our blog about one beautiful village in the south of Italy. Nowadays it is known because of its colours and the beautiful houses in the mountain, but years ago it was not known as today. The name of this village is Positano, a lot of experts and especialized magazines talk about Positano as one of the most charming places in the South. As we can see in Instagram, a lot of celebrities and famous people as influencers are travelling there, and they take pictures all the time because of the charm.

We leave you here some interesting informations and curiosities about this little village.

It is located in a very peaceful and relaxing zone in the Amalfitana Coast, like we were saying, in the South of Italy near a cliff. All of the buildings there are built in the mountain, no matter what the steep the terrain may be.

In the South of Italy, concretly in the Amalfitana Coast there are a lot of villages like Positano, but Positano is the one that is more visited by tourists and the most known in the zone. We also can find a lot of boutiques that sells Fashion Swimwear, and also Positano is known because of the stairs that we can find all over the village. All the houses are colorfull and different, this is why people also likes Positano.

It is a very picturesque village, because of the houses in there, the beach with de colorful umbrellas… Every year there are more tourists visiting Positano, but through the years Positano is resisting to change, it is a unique village that mantains the same buildings and stores all the time.

The most important church in Positano is dedicated to the patron in there,  to Santa María de la Asunción. It is a church known for its yellow and green dome. It was built in 1.200.

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