septiembre, 2018

HYD stands for luxury and excellence in the hosiery world and it is also a referent in the tights world, we make luxury tights. Basically, we design fashion, not fantasy, HYD has a Luxury Line that every season changes the articles, and season by season, we improve our designs and we try to innovate in this competitive world.

The materials used in the process of production have been proven to be completely eco-sustainable, this materials are the best European quality that exists at the moment, our process is 100% Made in Italy. All of the lines that HYD have are unique and different.

all the awards

And also HYD has three important awards in this world, one of them is the Gold Thimble. This award is given to personalities dedicated to the world of fashion. We can say that this award is a recognition in the Fashion World, we coud say that this Golden Thimbles are the Oscars of the Fashion world. HYD received the Gold Thimble in 2015.

gold thimble

Another award that HYD was rewarded with is the Gold Medal, an award that rewards the corporate image of the organizations. It was given in 2016.

gold medal

And, this current year, HYD received the Gold Star, that is an award that rewards the professional excellence.

gold star

Cuidamos al máximo todo el proceso de selección de las materias primas, la calidad de acabado, la innovación en el diseño, ofreciendo la gama de colores más amplia del mercado.