Official Fashion Show of HYD in Firenze

junio, 2018

Today we want to present in our Blog all the visual content that we have of the Fashion Show that HYD made in Firenze, that it was in February. The event was in the Immagine Italia & Co lingerie and hosiery Fair. HYD had the honor to open both Fashion Shows both days because the articles that HYD presented make people stay impressed. This articles were from the future season Fall Winter 2018/19.

You can read all the post and make your own conclusions about the products, all of them are Fashion pantys from Luxury Line, the line that HYD design every season according to the current trends. The products from this line are unique and different from the others, because they are not Fantasy, they are pure Fashion.

The first panty that was one that HYD named GRAFFITTI, you can see why it is called like this. This is a real trend tha it is going to be present on Fall Winter. You can see that both legs are different, they don’t have any similar geometrical concordance, it is because the design is a real Graffitti printed by sublimation in the panty.

The second one was the model called JAPAN CRAFT, as you can see in the picture below, the design is a kimono typical from Japan, a real one. The colours are perfectly combined and the final result is amazing, it is a panty that you can wear in a situation that requires style.

The turn of SAUVAGE, a panty that is like a classic panty but with some Fashion design in it. Here we can see the current trend of animal printing, a trend that always resist through the years and always is present in some way in the Fashion World. You can see here two gorgeous pictures of the model.

And the most important and luxury panty was saved till the end, it is a panty, as you can see, that is made with swarovsky crystals, that is all that we need to say about this design, you can see the pictures and see the magnificent design of the article.

Here you can see the official video of the Fashion Show and also you can see some images of the stand that HYD had in the fair.

Vídeo HYD desfile 2018

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